Youth Drama, Media & Storytelling for Developing Cultural Heritage and Tourism (YDMS)

Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders provides impartial dialogue space and empowering skills training for youth, media and educators to participate actively in the present and future development of the society


Youth Europe Service

YES is an association very active in the area of training and of promoting tourism. It has much experience in the area of coordinating and realizing European projects. Youth Europe Service was born in 1999.



AIJU is a non-making-profit organization and technology centre that is at the forefront of ICT technologies.  AIJU has a multidisciplinary team that covers projects involving both technological and social topics


Ost-Passage Theater e.V

We was established to promote artistic, managerial, and educational leadership for theater. The organization develops new methods of work, resources, and information and acts in productions and training


European cultural tourism

Cultural tourism as a sector needs to become more adaptive to the new tendencies of tourists looking for authentic cultural experiences. The sector must develop and promote local traditions, protect the patrimony, the individual local places and culture.

With this broader approach in mind, we are now contributing to the rise of  brand new  “creative mediators.”

Technology for Cultural Tourism

“Live interpretations” in this project are a series of theatrically guided tours with young actors who, in historical dresses, tell about the principal historical and artistic points of interest of the European cities involved. All of this is connected through an online platform with information materials on the contents produced and a mobile phone APP with Augmented Reality creating an analogic map/game to use in real-time, which guides the audience through the discovery of each place on the tourwith videoanimations.

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Youth Drama, Media & Storytelling for Developing Cultural Heritage and Tourism (YDMS)


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