Youth Europe Service, YES, Italy


Youth Europe Service was born in January 1999. YES is an association very active in the area of training and of promoting tourism. It has much experience in the area of coordinating and realizing European projects (LLP, Socrates, Leonardo, Youth, Erasmus Plus, etc.). YES also has very important experience in the field of intergenerational learning especially using theater and innovative methodologies. The organiztain has realized more than 30 European project in the following programmes: Youth, Socrates, Grundtivg, Leonardo, LLP, etc.

YES works with:

• Integration of people with disabilities or the disadvantaged

• Mutual knowledge between people, to develop solidarity and assert the principle of civil living together

• Knowledge and protection of the historical, cultural, artistic patrimony

• Development  of the social, cultural and sports activities to enhance European identity

• Promotion of annual events among its members and activities such as information-sharing, the realization of exchanges and voluntary services, organizing of cultural events

• Development of new entrepreneurs and job opportunities

• Activities and initiatives in tourism development and promotion